Saturday, Sept. 9th

The Bar

While there’s a huge assortment of avo-tastic food available at this year’s fest… the big question on your mind is probably:

“Hey AvoMargFest, what if I’m thirsty… what exquisite drinks will you have for me to enjoy?”

Great question!

For starters, we are VERY excited to inform you we will have a number of bars available around the event to indulge your festival sipping desires! Our main bar will be ground zero for absolutely everything your margarita & beer loving heart craves, and our satellite locations will each feature a little something special. What kind of “Something Special” you ask?

  • One location will feature the salty goodness you will only find expertly handcrafted into an “On the Rocks” Marg.
  • Another location will feature our crowd favorite mixing station! Home of the Build Your Own Michelada Bar!!!
    • Step 1. Choose rim Salt
    • Step 2. Choose your Michelada Mix flavor
    • Step 3. Choose your Beer
    • Step 4. Enjoy!!!

Oh… but there’s MORE! This year we are bringing back a few flavor favs:

  • Original Lime Margarita
  • Jalapeno Margarita
  • Blood Orange Margarita

Margaritas fueled with only the best!

Looking for a Margarita with a little more “Oomph”?  We hear ya! Add a muy delicioso bottle of cold Coronita Extra to your drink! It’s the best of both frosty worlds in one ice cold cup of delish. YUM!!!

Margaritas not really your thing? We’ve got you covered with the best-of-the-best in ice cold cervezas!!!