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Greetings AvoAficionados!

Just like our beloved avocados need time to ripen, the Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce's Avocado & Margarita Festival is taking a hiatus in 2023. After 13 glorious years of blending 'cados and good vibes, we're momentarily stepping back from our festival shaker.

But this is not "hasta la vista, baby!" to the AvoMargFest. On the contrary, we're putting the lime and salt on the table for those who might want to keep the party going. We're open to passing the festival torch (or should we say, the guacamole bowl) to a new host for 2024. Think you have what it takes to rock the guac? Drop us a line at [email protected].

Don't let the avocado-shaped hole in your calendar get you down. Morro Bay is always ready to party, with our unique blend of eclectic shops, mouth-watering restaurants, and breathtaking natural wonders to explore. No AvoMargFest? No problem! We invite you to “Come Get Salty” with us in Morro Bay.

Looking forward to more avo-adventures in the future!

Keep the party vibes alive, folks!